Saturday, January 17, 2015

Have you begun.... get back to your crafting? To try that new technique you saw on You Tube or to get out those unopened pots and tubes?
 "New Beginnings"  this month is all about Grabbing hold of the New in New Year.
Mind you, there is only this week left to join in our challenge.

Let's see what our talented Team 3 Designers found that was new for their Challenge 43 Week 3 New Beginnings post!

For "New Beginnings" I have a new art journal.... a 2-ring A4 folder.  This is the front cover done with a new stencil and stamp. Check out my blog for some additional photos and what I did, with what.

I really don't like New Year Resolutions but I have challenged myself to be more free and experimental in my Art Journalling this year.  For my New Beginnings project I created this Art Journal page taking two Distress Ink colours at random and just playing with my stamps and stencils and not getting hung up about squint or poor stamp impressions!  It was very liberating! There are a few more details on my blog.  

New Beginnings can sometimes mean going back to the basics.  See how I created this journal to help me with my New Beginnings for the New Year. I'm hoping my affirmations will have 2015 as a dreaming, inspired and making, Living an Artful Life!

 There are two interpretations of 'new beginnings' in my creation.  I made a reminder of my goals for the new year and used a new stamp set for the background.  I'm hoping the visual reminder on my wall will help me stay on track! Wish me luck!

Upcycle an old booze bottle with glass etching and a few Christmas lights
to create a "New Beginning" for something that would have hit the landfill by now.

Have a super week and try to grab a little crafting time. It's so good for us!
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Look out next Sunday when ELAINE   is    In The Spotlight with her   heartfelt story!

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