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Stars SPARKLE in the Sky for Week Three of Anything But a Card Challenges No. 33

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to Anything But a Card Challenges... are you ready for some "SPARKLY" and new inspiration from our designers for week 3 of Challenge No. 33.

The Challenge... Anything But a Card Challenge #33 - the word "SPARKLE"!! What does the word sparkle represent to you? Sparkle can be a personality trait, or a physical appearance, or an attitude. You could be inspired with the written definition; go with a passage from a book or poem - or even quote a song... and of course we include going crazy with bling!

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verb: sparkle; 3rd person present: sparkles; past tense: sparkled; past participle: sparkled; gerund or present participle: sparkling

1. shine brightly with flashes of light.
"her earrings sparkled as she turned her head"
synonyms: glitter, glint, glisten, twinkle, flicker, flash, blink, wink, shimmer, dance, shine, gleam, glow;

2. be vivacious and witty.
"after a glass of wine, she began to sparkle"
synonyms: be lively, be vivacious, be animated, be ebullient, be exuberant, be bubbly, be effervescent, be sparkling, be witty, be brilliant, be enthusiastic, be full of life, brilliant, dazzling, scintillating, coruscating, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, invigorating, vivacious, effervescent, lively, vibrant, animated, ebullient, bright, witty, clever
"a sparkling performance"
antonyms: boring, dull, pedestrian { these don't sound too sparkly ;) }

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Please share any current project you have created and JUST REMEMBER... create anything EXCEPT a card for this challenge. Please mention and LINK BACK to this challenge. ALSO - Please new projects only {no-backlinking}. :)

**A REMINDER** This Challenge will go through midnight March 22nd giving you one more week to play along and ENJOY the creative process! Next Sunday we will have a new Artist Spotlight + Mini Challenge.

Let's see what part of our DT has created!!

Please click on the designers' name to visit their blog. We hope you’ll take a minute to go see their work up close... and as long as you’re there – please leave them a little love!

I decided to make a sign that I can hang up in my studio and since I adore quotes it seemed to be a perfect idea to use one on the sign. After a few weeks of upset... I needed to make this sign. I have it where I can see it every day! Please visit my blog for more details.

Rhais will certainly sparkle at her Charity Dinner / Dance, in her gown from her favourite Couture Salon: 'Roses". The gown, featuring the new vogue dropped waist is softly draped and held by her favourite flowers. The hemline, trimmed with the same flowers dips to a short train at the back. Thin staps sewn with rhinestones add to the glamorous appearance of this gorgeous gown. The gown will be enhanced further by the long string of diamonds being held by Rhais. Pop over to my blog to see what else has been done with this couture inspired hinged canvas.
Sparkle took on a few different meanings in my project. There is the visual sparkle of the confetti, gold thread, and rhinestones used to embellish my page. My daughter is wearing a sparkly pink dress and glittery costume jewelry. Then there is the implied sparkle of the stars-for my daughter 'STAR'ring in her first musical!  Check out my blog for more details!

Well, this week's theme of 'Sparkle' was perfect for me, because I love sparkly things! I love adding jewels and Stickles and sequins and all kinds of things to my projects. For this set of 'greeting tags', I used several different colors of Stickles, including Cotton Candy, Waterfall, and Diamond to achieve lots of sparkle. I have been making tags like this for several years, and have envelopes that they fit inside. I have sold quite a few of them, both individually and in sets, at craft shows and a store in northwest Georgia where I take things to sell on consignment. I hope you enjoy my cheerful 'greeting tags' for this challenge!  Please visit my blog to see up close pics where you can see the sparkle, and hear a story about my husband surprising me with something sparkly!


We hope our designers have you INSPIRED to take some time to be creative!! We can't wait to see your creations and we hope that you will join in and share them with us! Stop back next Sunday a brand new Artist Spotlight + Mini Challenge. Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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