Sunday, September 1, 2013

In the Spotlight + Mini Challenge... with Julie Short

"Inspiration exists but it has to find you working."
~ Henri Matisse

Hello and welcome to our first
"In the Spotlight" + Mini Challenge.

I'm Julie and my passion is making.

You know, years ago a sniffy, art teacher told me loudly

"Do not, choose to do... ART!"

I'm so glad that happened because I have been
playing now for a long time, without RULES!

I would love you to take a peak into my "Time To Create" world. Then you might know a little about me and what I love doing.  Joining me on my journey would be a delight. That's what makes Blogland such a great place. 

If you were to visit my home you would find LOTS of books.

There are a stacks of journals and notebooks too. Some for sharing, some hold collections of thoughts and ideas. Some are just for me.

Do you journal?

I always have a few different styles and types of journals on the go! Most exciting for me are my travel journals. They are there with me in the suitcase as I indulge my passion for travel. Once again I'm saving, saving and planning! Europe 2014! 

Here's a page from my Classes Journal. How quickly I forget the YES! discoveries that come about as I explore. Now I'm learning to write them down.

Here's my challenge for you!

Share with us, a page from a journal, any style, any way and link it up below to Anything But A Card Challenges. Our Mini Challenges will run for a week.

It will be my pleasure to come visit and see your entry
and choose someone to... Share the spotlight!

Our next regular challenge is "Hit the Books" starting Sept 8th.
I'll be back then to share my seriously hefty tome!


  1. Love the look of your journals and notebooks Julie, I really must try my hand at journalling...... Hugs, Anne x

  2. What a fab direction for the blog! Love this and learning more about you! Will be back to play along soon!

  3. What a wonderful idea and your journals and books look amazing

    Chrissie x

  4. Fantastic post, Julie!! You never fail to inspire me!!!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful post Julie!! Can't wait to see the finished piece. As Margaret says, 'inspirational'.